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Lesson 3 - Telling Time: 5 Minute Intervals


To introduce counting by fives.
To teach telling time to the five minute intervals.
To teach tellling time to the quarter hour


What are some important times in your day?

Practice counting by fives in unison and individually.

Students point both hands of their clocks to 12. What time does the clock show? 12:00
Have students move the minute hands of their clocks, counting the minutes by fives as the hands pass each number until they get to 15.

What time is it now? 12:15

Write 12:15 on board and fifteen minutes after 12 on the board

Children countinue moving the minute hands around the clocks and counting by fives, stopping at each quarter hour and saying the time. Write each time on the chalkboard.


1. Have students draw the hands on the clocks to represent the correct time. Demonstrate the answers for students to self-check their work. Worksheet
2.Play "What Time Is It?" One student is the town crier. He/she describes the time; e.g. "The hour hand is on the three, the minute hand is on the 2. What time is it?" Other students must guess the time. Clocks may be used to help figure the time. Take the Time Quiz.

3. Discuss what happens during the students' day at specific times. Have students write the time in standard notation form, then draw a picture to illustrate the activity. This activity can be varied to incorporate ideas such as a picture diary of a day at school, at home, or visiting a special place.

4. Play "Time Trail." Prepare a game board with a patch of clocks from start to finish. Each player rolls the dice and moves forward to land on a clock. The student must read the time. If the time is incorrectly read, the move is canceled. Play continues until all players have reached the end. Print Game Board



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