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Lesson 2 - Telling Time: Telling Time: Half Hours

digital clock

To teach telling time to the half hour
To introduce telling time on a digital clock.


Discuss the differences between the two clocks: digital and a clock with hands.
Discuss the differences between the hour hand and minute hand.

Discuss the fraction 1/2.

Show 4 o'clock on a demonstration clock. Move the minute hand halfway around the clock to 6 while children count by fives.


How many minutes have passed?
Where does the minute hand point?
Where does the hour hand point?
What time is it?
Write four-thirty , 4:30 and half past 4 on the chalkboard. Continue moving the minute hand around the clock to 12 while children count by fives.


How much time has passed?
What time is it now?

Discuss the two ways to read time at the half hour. (4:30 and half past 4) Where is the minute hand at half past the hour?


1. Play "Time Concentration." Prepare cards showing several times on the hour and half hour. Also prepare matching cards with clock faces illustrating these times. Turn all cards face down individually. Students may play one to one or form partners to play the game. One student turns over two cards, trying to match a clock face with the corresponding time card. If the cards match, the student removes the cards and keeps them. If the cards do not match, the student replaces the cards face down, and the next player takes a turn. The game continues until all the cards are matched. The player with the most matches wins.

2. Reinforce skills at a learning center for telling time. Prepare cards showing clock faces on the half hour. The students will match the clock faces to cards which record the time in standard notation form or with the words 'half past' the hour.

3. Have students make their own TV guides. For each program the student must record the day, channel and time, and draw a clock face indicating when the show begins.





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